What is GoSpread?

GoSpread is an app that makes the life of a tourist more convenient in order to enjoy everything that the city has to offer without worrying about accommodation, food, transportation and more! Kind of things that if don’t go as planned can ruin a dream trip.

The GoSpread App can make that bound between the tourists and a wide range of professionals from different departments that takes care of what tourists really need to simply enjoy the City’s attractions.

The App connects the tourists to the City’s Services Providers (GoSpread partners). In a very simple way the tourists can get the services or the product they want through the App. To make services even easier, they can be provided in their native language.

The connection between Tourist and Service Providers can be done through the App, meeting the Travelers’ main needs. This connection makes the tourist’s experience in the city even better.

GoSpread provides convenience for travelers while also providing profitability for parters.

GoSpread partners have the opportunity to increase the volume of their business through tourists who reach them via App.

GoSpread gives the tourist all autonomy to choose the services that best suit them.

GoSpread works with Spreaders (people who are acclimated with the city and are able to assist with any tourist-related questions). They can refer services such as places to go, food services, attractions and much more. The App offers countless benefits for its users: promotional coupons for those who are looking for discounts and best prices; volume of business for those who seek new clientes and extra money for those who want to increase their earnings.

GoSpread helps travelers to enjoy the perfect trip saving money and time. You can’t miss out on GoSpread for your next trip, business or your day to day.


...Go Spread it!